Site Resurrection after Five Years!

Here is the last original snapshot taken on Christmas Eve morning 2013.

The site has been down for approximately 5 years now. I’m working to restore as much of the original content as I can piece back together. I have to give a huge thanks to the Internet Archive WayBackMachine for what they got between 2012-2013. They had the text for about 90% I was able to reconstruct of the site & I have all of the images up to the first week of June 2013.

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10.0-RELEASE Delayed until January 2nd 2014

Here’s the schedule if you care to checkup on the status of the release. I have religiously for years. The thing about FreeBSD is it’s not uncommon for a date to get pushed back and usually multiple times per release. I’ve seen one release, I don’t remember which one but it was 10+ years ago. They pushed it back within a month of the original release date to 9 months later, then they pushed it back once again before that date hit.

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FreeBSD Xorg doesn’t work? Here’s probably why. (Solution)

You need to add the following highlighted lines to your /etc/rc.conf file. Also note I have a commented out line that states the handbook says to add it (as a note to self). You’ll need to do ee /etc/rc.conf to edit your config. I did cat to print to screen what mine looks like.

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Apple Power Macintosh 9500 OS 9.2.1 Server OnLine

The server can be found via The default page is there now. Since I have only one public IP address I configured this apache server to redirect the subdomain I created back to, my network config is insane, I’ll have to document it sometime with diagrams. As I have time I’ll be designing a page for the machine using the tools that were last available for Mac OS 9 (sort of been online) on and off more or less. I’ve been testing some software out.

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Install FreeBSD 9.1 on ZFS single bootable root drive

Boot off dvd then select Live at the first menu.

Login as root

gpart create -s gpt ada0 (if gpart says there’s already one do: destroy ada0 or gpart destroy -F ada0 if it says busy to destroy the existing. I’ve seen it say this on a drive that had windows on it originally)

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WPA2 BRUTEFORCE Cracking with BackTrack 5 R3 / Kali 1 Linux

UPDATED 6.5.13
These instructions are IDENTICAL for both BackTrack 5 R3 & Kali 1!
Side-note, this does not work with all routers using WPA2, depends on cypher.
I’ll show how to get around these in a later post.

First start your WiFi NIC.

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Yup that’s right. There’s a heading in all RED stating this on

If there’s anything you want to read or see you better do it soon. I’ll probably spend some time before the expiration date re-reviewing the site and copying what I think is worth saving for both historical purposes and because I’m sure there’s information I may need to reference or re-read at a later time.

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My $36 Million Dollar 577.5 PetaByte Hard Drive

No not really. It’s my 500G laptop drive. I think it being connected to the computer via USB is probably what threw S.M.A.R.T. off. I thought it looked cool enough though to take a screenshot and post it. =D

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Ad blocking/filtering via BIND DNS named.conf or local hosts file.

This post is about… (You guessed it) blocking ads from showing up while web browsing. I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time but wasn’t positive about how I was going to go about it. I’ve done a lot of reading to get to where I finally decided the route to take to satisfy my objective for such a blog post.

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Uptime countdown in top?!

After installing Solaris 11 on my primary laptop, the time was incorrect. This is pretty common from my experience with OpenSolaris, OpenIndiana & Solaris 11. After correcting the time I notice now my uptime counter in top has a countdown value.

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