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OpenSolaris > OpenIndiana > Solaris 11 Conversions

I should have noted this a long time ago, say in the beginning that all of my OpenSolaris examples should be considered the same configurations for OpenIndiana. The core OS is pretty much exactly the same. Now as far as Solaris 11 goes I can’t say for sure. I’ve only ever configured it as a Server and I think when I set this server up on Solaris 11 I did it only in text mode.

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Infected Mushroom in BackTrack 5 Promo Video

I’ve started listening to Infected Mushroom since I saw this  promo video. The track name is “Project 100″. Was a good one to cut my teeth on. Since listening to them now I have their discography I’ve become more inspired to blog, well that and some of the posts I’ve received recently now I have followers and I don’t want to disappoint my public Smilie: :). I suppose I need to come up with a list of my ideas on what to blog on.

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Apache 2.4.3 custom install on FreeBSD

You cannot build mod_perl for this version yet, it’s broken.
If you need mod_perl you will have to install Apache 2.2.x.
First thing go to the Apache HTTP SERVER PROJECT page.

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