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Ad blocking/filtering via BIND DNS named.conf or local hosts file.

This post is about… (You guessed it) blocking ads from showing up while web browsing. I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time but wasn’t positive about how I was going to go about it. I’ve done a lot of reading to get to where I finally decided the route to take to satisfy my objective for such a blog post.

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Uptime countdown in top?!

After installing Solaris 11 on my primary laptop, the time was incorrect. This is pretty common from my experience with OpenSolaris, OpenIndiana & Solaris 11. After correcting the time I notice now my uptime counter in top has a countdown value.

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Post timestamps incorrect!

Not sure what’s going on but I noticed on my last post that the timestamp is incorrect by an hour. An hour ahead to be precise. I’m sure one of the updates either for WordPress or one of it’s plugins has something to do with this. I checked the time on the server and it’s correct so I’m like WTF?

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Insane load averages

I have built an OpenSolaris IPS (Image Package Repository) in a VirtualBox VM. This is so I can try and replicate the physical server on other VirtualBox VM’s and then possibly on a spare physical system (Intel Core 2 QUAD Q6600 w/8GB RAM). I have the package .iso file rsyncing to the filesystem and look what happened to the load averages. The VM is configured with 4 cores.

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FIXED things and BROKEN things.

Timestamps have been fixed. They (WP) apparently screwed with the timezone in the settings of WP.

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