Apache 2.4.3 custom install on FreeBSD

You cannot build mod_perl for this version yet, it’s broken.
If you need mod_perl you will have to install Apache 2.2.x.
First thing go to the Apache HTTP SERVER PROJECT page.

Right click on the .tar.gz link we use to get the package and “Copy Link Address” or “Location” depending on which browser you are using.

Follow my lead at the physical console or remotely via ssh. If you are using ssh you can just type (wget then a space then right click and it will drop the link location right in for you after wget and then hit your enter key to initiate the download.

Go to the APR page at Apache and click “Download”.

Right click on the Unix Source listing for the .tar.gz file and select “Copy Link Address”.

Again follow my lead from the following screen shot.

Now scroll down to the APR-util section then right click on the .tar.gz link and copy the link location (as we have done before).

Follow my lead as the following shots show.

Now go to the ip address of your server in your web browser to test for the server being up.

You can add an apache user the same way we did here for MySQL and set both the group and user ID to 80. You can change the user apache runs as in the config file. I set it to apache. If you already have apache running when you change the user it runs under in the config you will have to restart apache. Any changes to apache conf require a restart.

You can configure Webmin for Apache by following below, then click “Save”.

Once you click “Save” you will see the following. If you don’t see Apache move from “Un-Used Modules” you can either log out then back into Webmin or “Refresh Modules” at the bottom left of the page.

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