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10.0-RELEASE Delayed until January 2nd 2014

Here’s the schedule if you care to checkup on the status of the release. I have religiously for years. The thing about FreeBSD is it’s not uncommon for a date to get pushed back and usually multiple times per release. I’ve seen one release, I don’t remember which one but it was 10+ years ago. They pushed it back within a month of the original release date to 9 months later, then they pushed it back once again before that date hit.

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FreeBSD Xorg doesn’t work? Here’s probably why. (Solution)

You need to add the following highlighted lines to your /etc/rc.conf file. Also note I have a commented out line that states the handbook says to add it (as a note to self). You’ll need to do ee /etc/rc.conf to edit your config. I did cat to print to screen what mine looks like.

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Install FreeBSD 9.1 on ZFS single bootable root drive

Boot off dvd then select Live at the first menu.

Login as root

gpart create -s gpt ada0 (if gpart says there’s already one do: destroy ada0 or gpart destroy -F ada0 if it says busy to destroy the existing. I’ve seen it say this on a drive that had windows on it originally)

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Ad blocking/filtering via BIND DNS named.conf or local hosts file.

This post is about… (You guessed it) blocking ads from showing up while web browsing. I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time but wasn’t positive about how I was going to go about it. I’ve done a lot of reading to get to where I finally decided the route to take to satisfy my objective for such a blog post.

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ntop install on FreeBSD

We install ntop from packages simply because this is one service that’s impossible to install from source.

Next we need to create a group and user for the ntop process.
Now we need to give rights to the ntop user/group to the ntop folder in /var/db.

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Elgg install on FreeBSD

Start by going to the Elgg project download page and get the latest (recommended). I save to my workstation desktop then use winrar to extract the compressed folder, then go into the extracted folder and rename the file to elgg. Then I upload the folder via WinSCP.

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Apache 2.4.3 custom install on FreeBSD

You cannot build mod_perl for this version yet, it’s broken.
If you need mod_perl you will have to install Apache 2.2.x.
First thing go to the Apache HTTP SERVER PROJECT page.

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