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Uptime countdown in top?!

After installing Solaris 11 on my primary laptop, the time was incorrect. This is pretty common from my experience with OpenSolaris, OpenIndiana & Solaris 11. After correcting the time I notice now my uptime counter in top has a countdown value.

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Solaris 11 update to 11.1

After running “pkg update –accept” reboot system.

Now create the new Solaris 11.1 Boot Environment.
The system will automatically continue onto updating the core system.

After core system is updated and you reboot note the update 11.1

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OpenSolaris > OpenIndiana > Solaris 11 Conversions

I should have noted this a long time ago, say in the beginning that all of my OpenSolaris examples should be considered the same configurations for OpenIndiana. The core OS is pretty much exactly the same. Now as far as Solaris 11 goes I can’t say for sure. I’ve only ever configured it as a Server and I think when I set this server up on Solaris 11 I did it only in text mode.

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