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Site Resurrection after Five Years!

Here is the last original snapshot taken on Christmas Eve morning 2013.

The site has been down for approximately 5 years now. I’m working to restore as much of the original content as I can piece back together. I have to give a huge thanks to the Internet Archive WayBackMachine for what they got between 2012-2013. They had the text for about 90% I was able to reconstruct of the site & I have all of the images up to the first week of June 2013.

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Apple Power Macintosh 9500 OS 9.2.1 Server OnLine

The server can be found via The default page is there now. Since I have only one public IP address I configured this apache server to redirect the subdomain I created back to, my network config is insane, I’ll have to document it sometime with diagrams. As I have time I’ll be designing a page for the machine using the tools that were last available for Mac OS 9 (sort of been online) on and off more or less. I’ve been testing some software out.

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My $36 Million Dollar 577.5 PetaByte Hard Drive

No not really. It’s my 500G laptop drive. I think it being connected to the computer via USB is probably what threw S.M.A.R.T. off. I thought it looked cool enough though to take a screenshot and post it. =D

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Post timestamps incorrect!

Not sure what’s going on but I noticed on my last post that the timestamp is incorrect by an hour. An hour ahead to be precise. I’m sure one of the updates either for WordPress or one of it’s plugins has something to do with this. I checked the time on the server and it’s correct so I’m like WTF?

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FIXED things and BROKEN things.

Timestamps have been fixed. They (WP) apparently screwed with the timezone in the settings of WP.

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