Elgg install on FreeBSD

Start by going to the Elgg project download page and get the latest (recommended). I save to my workstation desktop then use winrar to extract the compressed folder, then go into the extracted folder and rename the file to elgg. Then I upload the folder via WinSCP.

One we have the folder uploaded to the server we copy it to the Apache htdocs folder and then go to the htdocs folder and change the permissions on the elgg folder recursively. Then we need to edit the Apache config file specifically for elgg.

We open the confi file in ee and search for “AllowOverride”

Change it to match what I have highlighted below.

Then we search for “AllowOverride” again and edit the next one the same way.
Then exit and save changes then restart Apache so the changes will go into effect.

Now we can go to the elgg site on our server to start the install process. We need to create a new database which I call elgg in mine for simplicity’s sake. I also create a database user with the same name as well. Then click “Next”.

If everything is ok u’ll see the following page. Again we click “Next”.

Then fill in the database name and the username that has access to the database server and click “Next”.

Fill in the requested information. You will need to create a downloads directory outside of the elgg directory. Since I have elgg running from it’s own sub-directory in the Apache htdocs folder I just create it /usr/Servers/apache/htodocs and set the permissions as owner = apache and group = apache as all files/folders in the htdocs directory should be.

Once you click on “Go to site” you’ll see the following.

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