FIXED things and BROKEN things.

Timestamps have been fixed. They (WP) apparently screwed with the timezone in the settings of WP.

(This seems to only be relevant to the “Preview” of posts on the (Lobby) page.
Now I’m noticing my “Share this” link bars are inconsistent from post to post. Some seem to show all available bars and some will only show one or two. I’ll look at this at a little bit later, my priority right now is working on my OpenSolaris replication of the physical server as I stated in my previous post.

(This has been resolved) I removed the login via Facebook plugin.
I tried to post this in the comments of the related original post of the timestamp issue but now I’m finding WP won’t allow my comment saying “ERROR: please fill the required fields (name, email).” even though it currently says “You are connected with your Facebook account.” Sigh… I should just leave everything as it is when it works and NOT update the plugins.

Ok now I’ve posted this (this is an edit/add-in) I’ve found it’s posted out of order because now the post timestamp is correct so it thinks this is my first post of the day rather than the last.

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