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I should have noted this a long time ago, say in the beginning that all of my OpenSolaris examples should be considered the same configurations for OpenIndiana. The core OS is pretty much exactly the same. Now as far as Solaris 11 goes I can’t say for sure. I’ve only ever configured it as a Server and I think when I set this server up on Solaris 11 I did it only in text mode.

I still need to do a blog about Solaris 11, it’s a very daunting task and is the most complex installation of any type I’ve ever done in my life. To build another server for example sake I’m still quite intimidated to do. Honestly I still can’t believe I was able to accomplish building the production virtual server you see this blog hosted on. I promise one day I will get around to it. It takes an exponential amount of dedicated time and mental resources that are quite draining.

I could have just simply done it on FreeBSD. Why I didn’t? I plan on running this server for probably 20 years or more (Forever). If I wanted something easy I would have run it on FreeBSD but I’m not a simple person. I like challenges. I like to do things that aren’t easy, things nobody else has or will do simply because it’s either extremely difficult, or for most people just impossible to them.

I like to be the exception. It took me a whole day to get this server (Solaris 11) done on the day it was launched 11/11/11. I wanted it up that day to prove I was able to do it on a short deadline and made for production to last forever. It’s ran flawlessly since. What takes days on Solaris 11 to setup takes only a matter of hours on FreeBSD so long as you know exactly what you are doing and exactly what you want configured and exactly how.

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