Post timestamps incorrect!

Not sure what’s going on but I noticed on my last post that the timestamp is incorrect by an hour. An hour ahead to be precise. I’m sure one of the updates either for WordPress or one of it’s plugins has something to do with this. I checked the time on the server and it’s correct so I’m like WTF?

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Insane load averages

I have built an OpenSolaris IPS (Image Package Repository) in a VirtualBox VM. This is so I can try and replicate the physical server on other VirtualBox VM’s and then possibly on a spare physical system (Intel Core 2 QUAD Q6600 w/8GB RAM). I have the package .iso file rsyncing to the filesystem and look what happened to the load averages. The VM is configured with 4 cores.

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FIXED things and BROKEN things.

Timestamps have been fixed. They (WP) apparently screwed with the timezone in the settings of WP.

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Solaris 11 update to 11.1

After running “pkg update –accept” reboot system.

Now create the new Solaris 11.1 Boot Environment.
The system will automatically continue onto updating the core system.

After core system is updated and you reboot note the update 11.1

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ntop install on FreeBSD

We install ntop from packages simply because this is one service that’s impossible to install from source.

Next we need to create a group and user for the ntop process.
Now we need to give rights to the ntop user/group to the ntop folder in /var/db.

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Elgg install on FreeBSD

Start by going to the Elgg project download page and get the latest (recommended). I save to my workstation desktop then use winrar to extract the compressed folder, then go into the extracted folder and rename the file to elgg. Then I upload the folder via WinSCP.

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WEP Cracking with BackTrack 5 R3

Insert at least a 4GB USB stick first because from my experience I get an error saying I have run out of space after about 4 hours of building the capture file. We are going to use the stick to save to our capture to.
BackTrack File Browser

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Beginning BackTrack 5 R3 Linux

Booting from the CD you can either wait here for the menu to auto load or hit enter.

You can either wait for the countdown or hit enter to select.

You’ll see the following screen while waiting for the initial terminal to launch.

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OpenSolaris > OpenIndiana > Solaris 11 Conversions

I should have noted this a long time ago, say in the beginning that all of my OpenSolaris examples should be considered the same configurations for OpenIndiana. The core OS is pretty much exactly the same. Now as far as Solaris 11 goes I can’t say for sure. I’ve only ever configured it as a Server and I think when I set this server up on Solaris 11 I did it only in text mode.

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Infected Mushroom in BackTrack 5 Promo Video

I’ve started listening to Infected Mushroom since I saw this  promo video. The track name is “Project 100″. Was a good one to cut my teeth on. Since listening to them now I have their discography I’ve become more inspired to blog, well that and some of the posts I’ve received recently now I have followers and I don’t want to disappoint my public Smilie: :). I suppose I need to come up with a list of my ideas on what to blog on.

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