Uptime countdown in top?!

After installing Solaris 11 on my primary laptop, the time was incorrect. This is pretty common from my experience with OpenSolaris, OpenIndiana & Solaris 11. After correcting the time I notice now my uptime counter in top has a countdown value.

Notice the “-‘s” before the hours:minutes:seconds? I can tell you one thing.. The system has not been down for 16 hours. This leads me to believe that must have been the value of hours the system had deviated from the original time after install.

I am sure other UNIX’s (True UNIX’s) {Solaris | AIX | HP-UX | SCO} & UNIX wannabe’s (primarily Linux I’m nudging at here. Yes Linux I’m totally looking at you.) behave the same way. FreeBSD is an in-between-er as it is way closer to (True UNIX) than Linux will ever be.

It really perturbs me when I read stuff online and Solaris is referred to as a Unix-like system (Let me point something out here that bugs me. When UNIX is incorrectly spelled like Unix. Not all caps as it should be.) as if Linux is in the same category as FreeBSD and Linux should not even be related as a Unix-like system because IT’s NOT!

The learning curve spread between Linux & (UNIX) or FreeBSD for that matter is as wide as it is between Windows and Linux. Sure there are some commands that are the same but there are about as many as those as what Linux and Windows command prompt share.

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